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What to Do when a Tree Falls on Your Trinity, TX House; Get to Safe Place, Take Pictures, Remove Branches & More

Your home is often your safe space that you care for, clean and want to look nice. The great thing is that you can make changes as you please and update the look and the feel with a few minor tweaks. The house is one part of your property and the surrounding shrubs, trees and plants is the other. You want to make sure you are aware of the trees that are around your house and that have the potential to fall on the home. This might be the trees that are on your property or the property that is surrounding yours. The trees should be cared for and taken care of so that they do not become a hazard. If they are not watered correctly, trimmed, pruned and maintained they can have shallow roots or disease that goes unnoticed. When a bad storm rolls in there is always a potential that the tree can come down. If you hear a crash and realize that a tree has come down it is important to react the right way. Texas Tree Solution offers tips to handle a downed tree on your property.

Get to a Safe Place when a Tree Falls on Your House

The first thing that you want to do is to make sure that you and your family remain safe. If the weather is to blame it may be best to stick it out in the house until the wind dies down. You want to make sure that you are under a doorway for the best protection from anything else that might comes down on the roof. Once the weather has subsided you want to make sure you get out of the house and keep everyone away from the area until help has arrived.

Document & Take Pictures of the Tree that Fell on Your Home

Now that you are safe and out of the house you want to make sure you have notes about what happened and when. You can write down the time and the date the tree came down. Then you can note any reasons that may have caused the tree to come down such as wind, rain or other forces. In addition, you want to take pictures and so that you have the information that your insurance company will need.

How to Report Tree on or Near Power Line

The next thing that you need to do is to call out the local law enforcement if there are electrical lines that are close by. It’s obviously important to keep your family and the community safe. The authorities can set up a barrier so that other motorists and pedestrians are kept at a safe distance.

Call a Tree Removal Service to Remove the Fallen Tree, Branches & Debris

Now you want to get the tree off the house and out from your property. That is why you want to call out a professional that can come and trim it and remove it safely. You want to have it down so that the least amount of damage is being accrued.

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Texas Tree Solution can come to your house to remove a tree that has fallen. Call us today.

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