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Green Tree Recycling

Working in the tree service industry for nearly 40 years, Texas Tree Solution delivers high quality services with friendly customer service. As proven with that longevity, our certified specialists are more than qualified to provide aid. When it comes to removing your trees, grinding the stumps, pruning the limbs, trimming the crown, and so on, there is a lot of waste. Instead of allowing the spent wood to rot, Texas Tree Solution does our part for the environment with our recycling services.

How we Recycle Tree Branches & Other Yard Waste from Trees

Texas Tree Solution believes that once tree wastes leaves a yard that it should have a second life. When we recycle tree branches, they are taken to a green waste recycling center where they will be processed into compost fertilizer for lawn care. Basically, the trimmings go from your trees to the gardens. Large logs are recycled in different ways. Larger logs are sometimes taken to a mill where they will be cut in boards and used for lumber for building homes. Smaller pieces are used for pulp wood which is taken to a paper mill and turned into the very journals we write in or papers we read. In other cases, we will process it into firewood which is then sold to our clients, who use wood stoves for heating in the winter season. Pine trees cannot be used for firewood because of the creosol they leave in chimneys can cause house fires, so they are generally recycled into pulp wood, mulch, or plywood. None of the trees we cut go to waste, but are recycled to become beneficial for our daily needs. Saving logs and tree debris reduces the production of greenhouse gases during the decay process. Recycling the greenhouse gases instead of disposing of it, or even leaving it for the city refuse to pick up is a better option for everyone. We remove all of the trimmings from your property and ensure they are recycled accordingly; whether it is to become firewood, mulch, or other useful cellulose items. Be wary of other tree companies that toss the debris in a landfill or in the city dump, causing more economic deterioration.

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Ultimately, whether you need Texas Tree Solution to have your trees trimmed, pruned, or removed, not only will you know that our services are supreme, but you can have the peace of mind that Texas Tree Solution is contributing to efforts of protecting the environment by recycling the tree’s leftovers. Call Texas Tree Solution today to learn more about our tree recycling and other high quality services delivered to our valued customers.

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