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Ball and Burlap & Container Grown Tree Planting

When you want to plant a new tree, there is much more to the process than placing it in the ground. At Texas Tree Solution, we have the experience and training needed to give you the best possible outcome when planting a young tree. We specialize in planting both burlap and container trees and will do everything in our power to ensure it grows successfully to provide shade and beauty on your property.

Difference Between Balled and Burlapped & Container Grown Trees

There was a time when the only option you had when planting a new tree was a ball and burlap tree. When you choose ball and burlap, the tree is removed from the ground and grown in a field. If you have chosen container trees, obviously, the tree is grown in a container and has never been in the ground before. Both of these options have different benefits so it’s important that you understand which one will work best for you.

Advantages of Container Trees

When you choose container grown trees for your property, the tree isn’t going to be as heavy as a ball and burlap tree. Another benefit comes from the availability of container trees. They are grown in the off season and ready for planting in the spring.

Benefits of Balled & Burlapped Trees

One of the major benefits that come from choose ball and burlap trees is the size of the tree. You can only grow a tree so big when you are growing it in the container, when it is field grown, you will get a much larger tree.

Ball and Burlap & Container Grown Tree Planting & More in Crockett, Huntsville, Elkhart, Grapeland, Groveton, Weches, Latexo, Trinity, Riverside, Madisonville, Lufkin, TX | East Texas

No matter what tree you choose for your property, you can count on Texas Tree Solution to ensure it is planted properly. Call us today!

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