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Stump Grinding & Root Removal

There are several reasons that you may decide to have a tree removed from your property. If you have a diseased tree, or a tree that is causing a problem because of the location of the tree, you can count on the experts at Texas Tree Solution to not only handle the tree removal process, but stump grinding and root removal as well. We have the knowledge and training needed to ensure your tree is removed completely from your property with our stump grinding and root removal services.

Will a Stump Grinder Remove Roots?

When you have the stump of your tree ground down, it will be done with equipment that will literally grind the stump down, but leave the roots still intact beneath the ground. Root removal involves removing all of the tree’s root system from the ground so you don’t have to worry about root decay later. There are times that you may need to have the root removed because they are causing problems as well. The only downside that comes from having the root removed from the ground, is the fact that when the it’s done, there is a large hole in the ground.

Stump Grinding or Root Removal to Best Prepare for Replanting

If you don’t plan on replanting a tree once you have removed the old one, stump grinding may be the right choice for you. However, if you are planning to plant a new tree in its place, removing the root system completely is the better option.

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If you need to have your tree and stump removed from your property, there is no one better than Texas Tree Solution to handle it. Call us today!

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