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All Seasons Tree Care

With nearly 40 years of experience, Texas Tree Solution’s has the longevity that proves our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our certified specialists are more than qualified to deliver superior results and with an emphasis on friendly customer service and professional ethics, Texas Tree Solution will be your tree service expert. Throughout the year, you can count on us to provide your trees with the care they need according to the season. With premium, well-maintained equipment and Grade A products, we are readily available to serve you.

Year Round Tree Services

There is always a need for tree care, even in the winter. Because of ice and snow accumulation on tree limbs, they tend to break in inconvenient places like driveways, rooftops, and over vehicles. Texas Tree Solution is here to help maintain your trees from January through December. We prune trees in spring and fall months, since pruning a tree in the extreme temperatures of summer and winter months can put a tree in shock and lead to their death. We perform tree removal all year round. Whether it be snowing, raining, hot, or cold, we’re always ready to crank out the saws and get to work.

Fall Tree Care

After the extended exposure to heat from the summer months, trees can be weakened, which makes them more susceptible to infestations as the weather cools and pests begin to slow their activity. For long-term health, it is vital to help your trees recover from the hot conditions, especially if they do not get enough water. The Texas Tree Solution can help strength your trees and prepare them for winter in the fall by ensuring they are well-mulched. Also, any younglings or weak trees should be cabled and braced as well.

Winter Tree Protection

Pruning from Texas Tree Solution is an essential maintenance step in winter for the majority of trees. We can help prepare and strengthen the trees to better withstand the winter storms, temperature drop and potential pests. If the mulching hadn’t been done or if the mulching needs a little attention, now is a good time to ensure the mulching is adequate.

Spring Tree Work

Any frost damage that occurred, Texas Tree Solution can make quick work of efficient pruning that is necessary. Thinning or removing deadwood is done during the spring and grooming to improve aesthetics. Have our experts assess for potential pests and disease and the steps that should be taken if any are found.

Summer Tree Maintenance

Lack of nutrients, soil components, compaction, or acidic content, among other issues need to be addressed. Keeping the roots strong and functioning is the goal to help trees absorb water, fortify the tree against pests, weather, and disease. Make sure the water is adequate; do not over water or under water.

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For year-round tree maintenance and care, call Texas Tree Solution for superior services.

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