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Can Tree Trimming & Removing Dead Trees Help Protect Property from Hurricane Damage in Riverside, TX?

Texas has been in the path of many hurricanes. Texas’s Atlantic hurricane season begins in June and can last until the end of November. There are many ways to prepare for hurricane, one important way being your trees. Trees can pose a major threat to homes and other structures they are near. Fortunately, trees can survive the intense wind speeds from hurricanes with proper tree care. Texas Tree Solution would like to share how to prepare your tree for this coming hurricane season with tree trimming and pruning.

Prune Trees Before Rain & Wind Storm

When preparing for hurricane season, make sure to provide plenty of attention to your trees. During high winds, trees can uproot and both small and large branches can break off. Debris from trees can take a long time to clean up and contribute to hurricane damages. To prevent the damage and risk trees pose, you can prepare your tree with tree trimming and pruning now. During a hurricane, new planted trees pose a major risk as their roots haven’t had time to get a firm grip to the soil. Trees with dense canopies pose a major risk as these trees are the ones that tend to fall over or have tree branches that come crashing down. Most people would consider a dense canopy a healthy tree. However, the denser the canopy of the tree, the winds will have more resistance to bring it down.

Should I Thin My Tree Canopy?

Before hurricane season begins you will want to trim trees with dense canopies. There are many reasons why a canopy should be kept somewhat thinned out. When trimming out a dense canopy, it allows the wind to pass through the tree. When the wind can pass through the tree the less likely it is to uproot and fall. Another benefit of the wind passing through the canopy is that it helps to encourage a healthier root system. When trees feel intense wind blowing through the branches, it signals the root system to go down deeper which gives it a better grip to the soil. However, you don’t want the canopy too thinned out or you may have the opposite effect. When trimming trees in preparation for hurricane season, the arborist will start their pruning by removing the weaker branches first. By removing the weaker branches, you will not have them falling down during a hurricane. You can reduce the number of branches that will fall due to the intense winds which also means less damage and clean up.

Remove Dead or Dying Trees

Another step you can take in preparing for hurricane season is removing dead or dying trees. When a tree looks like it is dying or is dead, they will come down during the next hurricane. If a dead or dying tree is near a road or near homes they can fall into the home and or roads. Instead of waiting for a hurricane to uproot the dead tree, have it removed to ensure the safety of you and your community.

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Tree trimming, pruning, or tree removal is an essential step in preparing for hurricane season. To ensure your trees will stand their best chance against hurricanes, and you need a quality pre-storm tree safety inspection, tree trimming, tree removal or other related services, contact Texas Tree Solution today.

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