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How to Store Firewood & Build a Fire in a Fireplace in Grapeland, TX; Best Woods to Burn & More

As we approach the cooler months, many homeowners will be taking advantage of their fireplaces. Lighting a fire requires some patience but is not hard. Your fire can be successfully lit every time, providing the conditions are right, especially if the firewood has been stored correctly. For example, try to light a fire with wet wood can meet with some resistance if the firewood was left uncovered outside during a rainstorm. To better help you get the most out of your wood burning stove and fireplace, we at Texas Tree Solution would like to discuss the dynamics of burning firewood and how it should be properly stored.

How to Store Firewood Indoors & Outside

Cut firewood to correct length: The wood burning stove or fireplace should have wood fit inside easily. For optimal placement, the wood should be approximately 3 inches shorter than the width and length of your firebox.
Before you stack firewood wood, split it: Split your wood to the correct width once you have determined the correct length. Ensure the diameter of the wood is no larger than 6 inches. To improve the overall drying process, having the wood split before you stack it will increase exposure to air.
Measure wood moisture content: To monitor your starting moisture content, use a moisture meter after the wood is split. The moisture content should be below 20%.
Wood stacking techniques; stack firewood in alternate directions: To further reduce moisture content, remember to allow optimal space for air circulation.
Store firewood off of the ground: Wood should be stacked at minimum, 6 inches above the ground, however, 18 inches is best; and if possible, store your firewood in a woodshed. To prevent wood from unnecessary exposure to moisture, keeping firewood off of the ground will protect the bottom of the wood pile.
Wood pile cover: Leaving the sides exposed, cover the top of your woodpile. To ensure even air flow and eliminate moisture, a good rule of thumb is to build a woodshed that has a roof but one that is open on the sides.

Supplies Needed to Start a Fire in a Fireplace

Collect the following:
– A few logs of seasoned firewood
– Kindling (8 to 10 pieces)
– Newspaper / Firelighters
– Matches

How to Light a Fire in a Fireplace

1) Ensure the air vents in the fireplace are open as well as the wood logs are dry. Place the logs at the bottom of the fireplace. These logs can be as thick as a baseball or thicker.
2) About the thickness of a golf ball, add a layer of small, dry logs, then follow with 1-2 layers of kindling on top. To allow for air flow, ensure you leave some gaps between the wood as having enough air is important.
3) On top of the kindling, place a couple of firelighters or some rolled up newspaper.
4) Light the firelights from the top of the pile and close the door.

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When you call Texas Tree Solution for tree removal and tree limb removal of deciduous trees, including oak, maple, or birch; or in part of our commitment to green tree recycling, our experts offer the option of cutting them into stove length pieces and stacking it on your property efficiently. Due to the creosol left behind in chimneys, which can cause house fires, we do not extend these firewood services to evergreen trees. Contact Texas Tree Solution for all your tree related needs!

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