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How to Plant a Bare Root, Potted Container or Balled & Burlapped Tree During Winter in Groveton, TX

Trees greatly benefit any landscaping. They provide needed shade during the summer helping to keep the home cooler. Trees also help provide privacy and even increase the property’s value. When wanting trees in your yard, it is important to know how to properly plant the different types of trees. Texas Tree Solution will share what all homeowners should know about planting trees in the State of Texas.

Planting Bare Root Trees

Bare root trees are trees that are bought without soil. When the tree goes dormant, the soil is removed which helps the trees grow more rapidly. When planting bare root trees, they must be planted while still dormant, which is either during fall, winter or early spring.

Planting Trees in Container Pots in the Ground

Container grown trees are also very common. These trees should be planted as soon as possible regardless as to what season they were purchased. Container grown trees often require the need to remain in damp soil.

Balled & Burlapped Tree Planting

Another tree planting method is balled and burlapped tree. These trees are often removed from a previous location. The root and soil is contained inside a burlap blanket. Trees are often better kept live in balled burlap cloth as they retain moisture longer and also allow air to prevent root rot. Species will vary, so will the optimal planting seasons.

Avoid Planting Trees in Poorly Drained Soil

When planting trees it is essential to plant in well-drained soil. Wet soil can reduce plant growth and lead to root disease. Before committing to plant a tree, you should test the soil first. Dig a hole and fill the hole with water, if the water doesn’t go away after 24 hours, the soil has poor drainage. When you find the right spot for the tree, make sure to dig the hole at least 3 to 5 times the diameter of the trees container or root width. The hole depth should not be too deep. You will want the tree root ball to be level with the top of the soil. With a proper hole for the tree, it will promote a healthier root system. After filling the hole, it is recommended to apply an organic mulch layer to provide future nutrients. Additionally, mulch will help keep more moisture in the ground which reduces the amount of water needed. Berms are often recommended, especially for younger trees as they help to contain the needed water for a healthy tree. Make the berm about six inches wider than the diameter of the hole dug for the tree.

Can You Plant Trees in the Winter?

When planting in the winter, don’t water too frequently as the colder season can retain plenty of moisture for developing trees. However, during the drier seasons, make sure to water the trees daily. Loose soil does drain quicker and young trees demand lots of water to thrive. During the dry period of the season, water the tree once a day, or water when the soil around the trunk is dry. As Texas can be a humid climate at different times of the year (especially when winds come off the Gulf of Mexico) so watering isn’t always needed daily. However, trees do benefit from heavy watering once a week and light watering every day to every other day. If the soil remains damp, don’t water the tree as it can lead to disease.

When to Stake a Tree

When planting young trees, many people wonder if they should use a stake. Trees should not be staked unless the tree is very top heavy or the soil around the tree is too loose and needs time to firm up. Only use a stake for the first growing season then remove it or the stake can interfere with the tree development.

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Trees often require a lot of care when they are first planted and thereafter. If you decide to plant tree in your yard and want a professional’s touch, contact Texas Tree Solution. We provide tree planting, trimming, emergency removal services and more. Contact Texas Tree Solution today and schedule our services!

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