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Importance of Fall Tree Care in Huntsville, TX; Fertilize, Water, Prune Trees & Other Maintenance

As the weather starts to cool, everyone looks forward to the reprieve from the extreme heat that only summer can bring. Your trees are ready for the cooler weather as well. Fall is an important time of the year when it comes to tree care. This is the ideal time to ensure your trees are well taken care of before colder months arrive. Texas Tree Solution is here to share some tips to help you ensure the proper fall maintenance is performed on your trees so that they remain healthy and strong.

Fall is Ideal for Tree Maintenance in Texas

If you aren’t familiar with tree care, you may be wondering why fall is the ideal time to perform your tree maintenance. During the fall we see that trees start to go into dormancy. This means that they will stop growing during a season and resume again when the weather warms up. Trimming and pruning is best when your tree will be able to heal; your tree won’t be as susceptible to disease this way. As you cut branches, they are able to dry out and humid conditions aren’t there to allow bacteria to start growing.

Fertilize Trees in the Fall

Keeping the right balance of nutrients in the soil is the best way to ensure your tree grows properly. Without the right amount of nutrients in the soil, your tree could become diseased. Soil loses nutrients in the summer due to stress caused by extreme heat and lack of water. It is important you replenish the nutrients in the soil during the fall so that you promote your tree to grow and remain strong. Fertilizers release nutrients into the soil over the course of several months. This is why fall is ideal; the soil is ready for your tree to resume growing in the spring once the fertilizer has done its job.

Watering Trees in the Fall

Your trees won’t be able to absorb water the same way during the winter as they do in other seasons of the year. Your trees need to have a deep watering during the fall so that they are prepared for the winter months.

Fall Tree Trimming & Pruning

You should avoid pruning your trees in the early fall. They won’t have the time they need to heal before they enter into dormancy. You don’t want to run the risk of fungi or other disease that could grow when your tree is trimmed prematurely. Your tree needs to be completely dormant when you prune it. Pruning will encourage new growth so you should should avoid it while the tree is able to continue to grow. Winter is ideal for pruning.

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If you aren’t sure where to go with fall tree maintenance, you need someone you can trust to keep your tree healthy. Texas Tree Solution offers superior tree services that will ensure your trees grow as they should. Call us today!

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